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Half day Spice Tour

USD 100 / Person
  • Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • Available: All Week
  • 255 626 188 454

About Half day Spice Tour

For thousands of years spices played a major role in the Indian Ocean trade and the world. th There was a time, between the seventh and 14 century when they were as valuable as gold and even served as gifts to emperors. Therefore, in Zanzibar the role of spices could not be any less prominent. The Sultan of Oman seeing the enormous potential of spice trade encouraged the plantation of spices and cloves in particular to such an extent that Zanzibar produced 80% of the world’s cloves supply in the 1850’s.Today Zanzibar continues to produce spices, although industries like tourism now account for almost 30% of the island’s GDP, far more than spices. Spices may no longer play a prominent role economically but culturally Zanzibari’s use spices and herbs every day for seasoning, medicine and traditional rituals. While on the Spice Tour in Kizimbani, where all the spices are grown, get your nose ready to experience the exotic smell of spices like cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, nutmeg, curry leaves and ginger. The most amazing part of the spice tour is that you get the chance to see the spices in their most natural form, how they are grown and maybe harvested

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